Suckling Piglets

Mead Open Farm

Mead Open Farm is found in the town of Leigthon Buzzard in Bedfordshire and is a nationally renowned animal park where young children and adults alike can visit a petting farm and many other fun activities and events.

The farm includes almost every type of domesticated animal that you can think of including cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, horses, and guinea pigs all of which visitors can pet and even feed if they arrive during feeding times.

There are several different buildings that make up the farm and each hosts a different animal exhibit that visitors can enjoy.  For instance, Jo’s Barn hosts the Bunny Hop in which guinea pigs and rabbits are placed along straw bales so that they can be stroked.  Due to the fact that the animals are trained they stay calm and still and do not bite even when approached by young excited toddlers.

Throughout the many barns and the fields that surround them visitors can also try their hand at milking a cow, feeding the lambs, and pet every other animal that calls the farm home.  Due to the fact that there are plenty of barns even if there is rain Mead Open Farm can still be a delightful place to visit.

Those who do not want to walk around the farm, or those who want a little more adventure, may also enjoy the tractor rides that circulate the farm so that visitors can sit back and watch the animals as they enjoy the raucous nature of the tractor.

There is more to Mead Open Farm than just the animals however, as the area also boasts a nine hole miniature golf course, go-karts, and an adventure playground.

Also located within the Mead Open Farm is also Shaggy’s Playworld which is designed for young children with net climbs, drop slides, ball ponds, and numerous climbing areas.  Inside there are also Astra slides that drop 56ft and a wavy slide that resembles those found on fairgrounds.

Those who visit the Farm during the months between April through October an also enjoy sheep races in which sheep are raced through a racetrack. Visitors can bet on their favourite sheep and listen to the jockey who happens to be a teddy bear as they make their way around the track.  Those who choose the winning sheep get a badge as a reward.

During your visit at Mead Open Farm you can choose to take part in their hot meals and snacks at the concession stands or simply head to a picnic area to eat your own lunch.  If you want to arrive for a special event you may want to call ahead or check the official website as the farm offers plenty of special events such as a Halloween weekend, visits from Santa during Christmas, Easter egg hunts, and plenty of other attractions.