Leighton Linslade

The town of Leighton Buzzard-Linslade is made up of two different towns that used to be referred to separately. Among those who are familiar with the area the town is now most frequently to simple the region of Leighton-Linslade. Before the towns were merged together each of the two towns were also found in the separate counties of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Once the towns were merged a new coat of arms was made for the area of Leighton-Linslade that is a combination of both the coat of arms that were separately used to represent each town. The new design includes the Arms of the County of Bedford and the celestial crowns of Leighton. It also has a batch of lilies near the bottom of the coat that represents St. Mary’s in Linslade.

Today the area is a market town area that has been able to accommodate the needs of its citizens in the 21st century without sacrificing its links to the past or historical character. There are many shopping mews that are located for visitors as well as plenty of architecture wonders such as the All Saints Church and the buildings on Church Square in general.

Closer to the town that used to be known as Linslade before the two were merged there is also the Grand Union Canal where industry used to be the heart of the town. It now has plenty of sailing boats and free mooring that make it possible to visit all of the local shops in a unique fashion.

Since 1806 street markets have always had an influential role in community life in Leighton-Linslade and today visitors make it a goal to visit the street markets when possible. The market generally is held along High Street on Tuesdays and Saturdays and offers a wide variety of goods to visitors at reasonable prices. Additionally, on the third Saturday of every month is a Farmer’s Market where produce can be purchased directly from local farmers.

Those who want to experience a more traditional shopping centre can head to Waterborne Walk where there are many national retailers or over to the town centre which has chain shops located in between small independent shops.

The town of Leighton-Linslade also has many historical heritage sites including the Ashridge Estate, Stockgrove Country Park, and Totternhoe Knolls. Next door to Leighton-Linslade there are also two of the most internationally recognized animal parks.

A main attraction in Leighton-Linslade is the Leighton Buzzard Railway which is one of the only surviving two foot gauge railways in the UK that allows visitors to not only tour the historic collection of automotives but also allows visitors to ride along the pass.

The railway exhibit also has a museum and a children’s park located nearby so that there are plenty of activities for all ages.

Also notable to those who are visitors to the town of Leighton-Linslade is the Heritage Trail which starts at the All Saints Parish Church and continues across two town centres past many of the historical points of interest in the town.