Suckling Piglets

Mead Open Farm

Mead Open Farm is found in the town of Leigthon Buzzard in Bedfordshire and is a nationally renowned animal park where young children and adults alike can visit a petting farm and many other fun activities and events. The farm includes almost every type of domesticated animal that you can think of including cows, goats, […]

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Leighton Linslade

The town of Leighton Buzzard-Linslade is made up of two different towns that used to be referred to separately. Among those who are familiar with the area the town is now most frequently to simple the region of Leighton-Linslade. Before the towns were merged together each of the two towns were also found in the […]

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Leighton Buzzard Railway

The Leighton Buzzard railway is located in the small market town of the Bedfordshire countryside.  It is an industrial line that has a two foot gauge that has been preserved and reaches a total distance of three miles.  Today passengers who want to travel along the historical Leighton Buzzard railway can board the train at […]

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